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Until now, Takenobe has nurtured inexperienced craftworkers in a short period of time with an educational program that repeatedly specialized work with excellent veteran craftsman as instructors.
In addition, we have created technological innovations such as new construction methods and safer paints, and we are growing our business scale. Then, we realize to provide an environment that can polish skills with peace of mind so that all of our staffs have high-level goals and work with high motivation. Takenobe focus on improving productivity through efforts to pass skill transfer with ICT technology and through improvement of working efficiency.
In addition, we accept a wide range of talent including women and foreigners, For example, there are some of female co-workers who play an active part as a construction site supervisor.
Will you cooperate in making a new painting company together with us?

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Vietnamese technical interns

■They are technical interns who will be working at Takenobe from 2019.

Japanese language education “Craftsman Language School”

■Our foreign employees are very hardworking, and have an outstanding passion for technical acquisition. One of the craftsmen has no problem with Japanese at a daily conversation level but, even though he passed the practical skill test of 1st Class Certified Painting Skill, it was really hard for him to pass the written test, which included Japanese Kanji. So, what we do for him is provide private Japanese examination preparation lessons.


Housing support “Craftsman Diversity Dormitory”

We are preparing a dormitory near the office. This dormitory is for foreign technical interns and craftsmen living far away.

Maintenance of medical institutions

●When foreigners visit a hospital

Foreigners will be able to go to a hospital just like Japanese people. Foreigners might have a problem with language, so we can use the “Medical Institution Guidebook”(See PDF below)
You can use your Auxiliary questionnaire to express your illness symptoms.

●On the burden of medical expenses

Technical interns who work at Takenobe will bear a 30% burden, the same as Japanese workers.
Furthermore, technical interns will subscribe to the insurance only for Technical interns, so that 30% will be refunded at a later date.

●Regular medical examinations · special checkups

There is no problem. They will use the same hospital and have the same contents as Japanese.


◆Medical Institution Guidebook(Vietnamese)〔PDF〕≫

◆Auxiliary questionnaire(Vietnamese)〔PDF〕≫

◆Medical Glossary(Vietnamese)〔PDF〕≫

Support for foreigners utilization

Support for foreigners utilization
Assist Cooperative Working Association (an association that supports companies with the effective employment of foreigners from countries such as Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand.)

Assist Cooperative Working Association HP ≫


◆Announcement of Ministry of Justice“Statistical table of foreign residents”(End of 2017)〔PDF〕≫

◆Frame work of technical interns〔PDF〕≫

◆The requirements for excellent training company and supervising organization〔PDF〕≫


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